Program Duta Guru

Program Duta Guru (PDG) is a joint initiative between Yayasan PETRONAS and the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) through the Education Policy Planning and Research Division (EPRD) and Teach For Malaysia (TFM) as implementation partner and Petrosains as STEM Hub implementator partner, which is a nationwide multi-year industry-linked programme to strengthen the capabilities of STEM teachers serving schools with a majority of B40 students.

We believe that STEM education is a catalyst to produce talents that can address the complexities and 21st century challenges for Malaysia to progress and remain competitive globally. However, the number of students choosing STEM related subjects have been declining year-on-year mostly due to lack of competency and interest.

As such, we look to our teachers to increase STEM interest and competency among pupils. We also recognise and appreciate teachers for their critical role in achieving 60:40 STEM enrolment – leading to the nation’s success.

Thus, Program Duta Guru is developed to enrich STEM educators for Malaysia’s sustainable future.

Our Goal

Program Duta Guru aims to empower 4,500 teachers to be highly capable STEM educators; serving as role models in enhancing students’ (especially the underprivileged) interest and competency in STEM education and in strengthening their higher order thinking skills by 2030.

The Approach

Program Duta Guru complements MOE’s existing teacher development programmes through 3 Strategic Priorities – 

  • Training & Coaching: Support teachers with on-the-ground and virtual coaching and support
  • Content: Curate high-quality STEM pedagogy and curriculum content
  • Infrastructure: Provide teachers access to the latest STEM teaching and learning resources i.e. STEM Hub

The design and development of Program Duta Guru will be guided “by the teachers, for the teachers”. 

Program Duta Guru Components

Program Duta Guru incites passion and raises capabilities amongst teachers for integrated STEM teaching, in a supportive ecosystem of teachers and stakeholders to obtain optimal increases in students’ interest and competencies in STEM education.

It also recognises and appreciates teachers for their critical role in achieving 60:40 national STEM enrolment – leading to the nation’s success.

Program Duta Guru offers teachers:

  • Content: Industry-based approaches folded in with high-quality STEM pedagogy and KPM-aligned curriculum
  • Coaching & Support: Teachers are supported with on-site and virtual coaching for professional development by Pembimbing PDG (PPDG) and Programme Coordinators
  • Collective Learning: Peer learning groups from across the country
  • Connect with Industry Experts: Teachers will have the opportunity to network with industry experts through learning cycles and the National Symposium
  • Experience EDP: Apply EDP across the curriculum in teaching & learning as part of integrated STEM or STEM innovation projects to tackle real-life issues in the community.


Starting January 2020, Program Duta Guru has trained more than 300 teachers in its first 2 cohorts.

Each cohort will undergo a 2-year upskilling programme. A new cohort will be admitted into the programme every 6 months, comprising:

  1. Secondary Teachers who teach at least 1 subject of Science, Math, RBT, Asas Sains Komputer in lower secondary.
  2. Teachers from schools with the majority of its students from B40 communities.
  3. Teachers who can commit to completing the 2-year upskilling programme & teaching students upon immediate completion of the programme. 
  4. Teachers from Schools without MOE special programmes (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP))
  5. Teachers with a minimum remaining service of 10 years.
  6. Recommendation and support from Pengetua.

Engagement To Date

More than 900 STEM teachers in total enrolled in the programme.

186 School Improvement Specialist Coaches are involved as Pembimbing PDG.

145 District Education Offices are involved in the programme.

6 Zones Nationwide.

+82 Overall Net Promoter Score on average across cohorts (Cohort 1 – Cohort 3) up till End of Year 2022*.

80% of Principals recognised that Program Duta Guru teachers had created a positive impact on other teachers.

  • For more information on Program Duta Guru, please email our implementation partner at
  • Click here for the Program Duta Guru Information Kit (Bahasa Malaysia). 

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