Planting Tomorrow

Safeguarding the environment for future generations is an essential part of Yayasan PETRONAS’s mission to improve society’s well-being. 

We work with various partners from government agencies to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) alike in delivering impact-driven environment programmes with multilevel co-benefits such as rehabilitation, biodiversity and community resilience.

Ongoing Programmes

With our partners, Yayasan PETRONAS will continue to deliver these signature programmes.

Planting Tomorrow: Walk4Trees

This is a three-year community-based tree planting initiative focused on nature-based solutions to combat climate change.

To date, the programme has successfully planted over 61,500 trees (79% survival rate as of December 2022) at 14 locations in 11 states nationwide. This has also benefited more than 250 individuals from B40 communities, who now have an alternative and sustainable income stream to rely on.

Imbak Canyon Conservation Area and Imbak Canyon Studies Centre

PETRONAS is the first largest local funder for Yayasan Sabah Group in the preservation of a gazetted conservation area in Sabah, investing RM83 million in the 27 hectare Imbak Canyon Studies Centre (ICSC) – a world-class rainforest biodiversity research facility located in the 27,000 hectare Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (ICCA). Through the ICSC, we aim…

Planting Tomorrow: Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)

CBDRM involves a series of programmes under Kasih Disaster Relief (KDR) which provides training for impacted communities to increase their capacity and capability in mitigating potential disasters.

To date, we have conducted pilot programmes in two flood-prone areas — Kepulauan Tumpat, Kelantan and Mukim Ganchong, Pahang.

Past Programmes

Here is an overview of other environmental sustainability initiatives which we supported previously. 

Imbak Canyon is a treasure trove of flora and fauna – a place where scientific minds and traditional healers complement one another almost perfectly. PETRONAS has conducted a range of awareness and educational activities, community outreach programmes and capacity building efforts such as train-the-trainer programmes and sustainable development camps.

Seeding the love for nature
Planting mangrove trees is one of the communal activities offered by the ecoCare programme, involving local communities, government agencies, private sector, university students and volunteers.
Preserving Nature, Preserving Our Future
Almost 12,000 mangrove trees have been planted in a 14,000 sqm area along Sungai Kerteh, Terengganu.

Love for the ocean runs deep
The Biodiversity, Environmental and Conservation (BEACON) project aims to conserve and regenerate marine biodiversity in offshore areas in Bintulu, Sarawak. Thousands of reef balls are embedded into the seabed, so that corals can amalgamate. Diving lessons, and beach and coral cleaning are regular activities here. At Similajau Beach, the sea turtles are returning to land, and sightings of dolphins are now back in trend.