About Yayasan PETRONAS

Yayasan PETRONAS is the social impact arm of PETRONAS. Our mission is to enrich lives for a sustainable future. We aim to deliver sustainable impact, improving the quality of life and socio-economic outcomes for communities across the nation.

Focus Areas and Objectives

  • Education – We support high quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education for students to advance Malaysia’s human capital.
  • Community Well-being & Development – We create pathways to sustainable livelihoods and better economic opportunities for communities.
  • Environment – We identify and implement nature-based solutions that increase resilience of impacted communities while offsetting carbon emissions.


Yayasan PETRONAS (“the Foundation”) is established as a non-profit organisation limited by guarantee. PETRONAS will make financial contributions to the Foundation for the sole purpose of implementing its social impact activities.

Guiding Principles

Yayasan PETRONAS shapes its decisions based on the following guiding principles

Value Creation

The Foundation aims for initiatives that create value for all parties involved, e.g., society, stakeholders, partners, NGOs and other collaborators.

Sustainable Impact

The Foundation focuses on initiatives that have the potential to solve issues which may require long term intervention for on-going improvement.

Innovative Solution

The Foundation aims to deliver innovative solutions to address issues concerning education, community well-being and development, and the environment.

Effective Partnerships and collaboration

The Foundation places importance on collaborating with stakeholders to offer impactful solutions which address areas of need.