Imbak Canyon Conservation Area and Imbak Canyon Studies Centre

PETRONAS is the first largest local funder for Yayasan Sabah Group in the preservation of a gazetted conservation area in Sabah, investing RM83 million in the 27 hectare Imbak Canyon Studies Centre (ICSC) – a world-class rainforest biodiversity research facility located in the 27,000 hectare Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (ICCA).

Through the ICSC, we aim to enhance the gene bank for the conservation and exploration of pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications from plants in this area.

We believe that someday a new cure for diseases, a sustainable source of energy or a signature perfume scent can be unearthed right here!

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Imbak Canyon Studies Centre (ICSC): 2019 onwards

Focus Areas

  1. Biodiversity Research
    • gene bank / seed bank cataloguing
    • applications: pharmaceutical & biochemical
  2. Carbon Sink
    • reforestation
    • carbon sequestration
  3. Renewables
    • including ethno-forestry
    • applicable new energy solutions for the community

Size of ICSC: 27 hectare
Facilities suitable for: research, education, training and nature recreation
Expected visitors: VVIPs, educational groups to researchers and jungle trekkers and scientists.

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Imbak Canyon Conservation Area: Phase 1: 2010-2013

PETRONAS’ contribution: RM6 million

Areas of collaboration: environmental education, public awareness, community outreach, research, ethno-forestry study and documentation, capacity building, formulation of the ICCA Strategic Management Plan, and initial works for ICSC.

Imbak Canyon Conservation Area: Phase 2: 2014- 2017

PETRONAS’ contribution: RM77 million

Areas of collaboration: construction of the ICSC and related facilities, including the construction of the Ulu Kinabatangan Information Centre and the Ulu Kinabatangan Jetty, located in Kampung Imbak; as well as the establishment of Porters and Guides Association.

Partners : Yayasan Sabah, Akademi Sains Malaysia