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Empowering communities,
Enriching Lives

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Yayasan PETRONAS at a glance

Yayasan PETRONAS is the social impact arm of PETRONAS. Our mission is to deliver positive and sustainable impact on the well-being of society across the nation. With our pillars of Education, Community Well-being & Development and Environment, we believe that we can unlock the potential of individuals, foster inclusive and resilient communities as well as preserve our environment.

We continue to be committed to creating impactful value for all, working towards ‘Empowering Change in Communities’ for the betterment of society.

The Year in Review

2023 Financial Impact

Contributing to Better Lives and Stronger Communities

Guided by the ambition to empower lives and enrich communities for the long term, we continued to create positive impact throughout 2023. During the past year, we have invested in driving the adoption of STEM learning, restoring natural habitats and empowering entrepreneurs, amongst other positive outcomes. These efforts were further bolstered with our Theory of Change, which enabled us to focus our investments into areas that can deliver the greatest possible impact.

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financial: 2023 Financial Impact

Community Well-being Development

financial: Community Well-being Development





Yayasan PETRONAS’ Theory of Change
and Impact Measurement Framework

During the past year, we embedded the Theory of Change framework as a basis to assess our programmes across all three pillars and, looking outside our existing investments, to identify areas where potential contributions may deliver the greatest impact.

This exercise directly led us to the identification of special needs education and seagrass conservation as two areas where we may consider scaling up our efforts in future.

Yayasan PETRONAS' Theory of Change 
and Impact Measurement Framework
EDUCATION: Powering Knowledge

Malaysia’s advancement is driven by its people, and our aim is to empower students of all backgrounds to fulfill their – and the nation’s– greatest potential.

Our educational efforts are geared towards a singular goal: achieving a 60:40 National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) enrolment ratio. We believe in the power of STEM as it promotes the redevelopment of higher order thinking skills such as creativity, problem-solving and analysis. These skills foster an inquisitive and innovative mindset, equipping students to adapt and grow as the world changes around them.

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Local communities are the bedrock of Malaysia’s economy, especially in rural areas of the country. However, many of their residents face difficulties in advancing their economic standing due to limited access to key services and resources.

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Community Well-being Development
ENVIRONMENT: Planting Tomorrow

Planet Earth is more than a place where nature lives. It is our shared home and the foundation upon which our connections and livelihoods are built. As such, any damage dealt to the planet impacts not only the animals and plants that live there but also us, as humans and communities.

Recognising our responsibility to safeguard this ultimate shared resource, we implement nature-based solutions that aim to protect biodiversity, conserve natural environments and contribute to the removal of carbon from the atmosphere. We do this with an inclusive approach, working hand-in-hand with local communities to build their capabilities and strengthen their resilience against climate change and its related effects.

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Impact Stories

Building an Open Classroom

Hanirah became the first Duta Guru to conduct an Open Classroom – a session that brings together key stakeholders in the STEM education ecosystem to observe the practices of a STEM teacher in the classroom.

Building Sustainable Businesses

Through MEKAR’s Skills & Entrepreneurship Development programme, Muhammad Asyraf Azharuddin gained coffee making expertise and business skills to open Dr. Kafein, doubling his income. The BeSEMART programme provided a POS system to track sales and trends, empowering Asyraf’s coffee empire aspirations – a remarkable transformation enabled by MEKAR.

Persevering to Plant Tomorrow

“We built a water collection system utilising drip irrigation from rain and dew, making my life easier without the need to constantly check on the plants.” – Rogayah binti Mohammad, Walk4Trees

A Catalyst For Change

“Organising the first STEM carnival was a challenging yet rewarding experience for me as after joining PDG, I received encouragement from fellow participants, PPDG, and state education officers. I felt empowered to make a difference. It brought together students, teachers, and the community to celebrate STEM education.” – Juliah Jumpil, Program Duta Guru

Bake from Cottage to Mansion

Muhammad Syirazi, a Petroleum Engineering graduate from UKM, transformed his pastry business, Bread Mansion, through the MEKAR Skills & Entrepreneurship Development and BeSEMART programmes. Equipped with new knowledge and digital tools, he pivoted to burger bun manufacturing, now producing over 700 buns daily and selling across Kedah and Penang.

Yayasan PETRONAS Annual Report 2023


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