Requisition Of Goods & Services To Support Yayasan PETRONAS Initiatives

Since 2018, Yayasan PETRONAS (YP) has procured more than RM 25 million worth of in-kind contributions for donations, disaster relief efforts, festive contributions, and school supplies to the targeted beneficiaries. These contributions are conducted yearly and activated based on needs assessment.

Project Overview

To support YP’s initiative in delivering goods to the beneficiaries, YP is looking for vendors to supply, store, package and manage the overall distribution directly for 3 years for 2023 until 2025 to the targeted location as per scope in the application form.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Applying organisations would have to ensure that they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicant organisation is registered with Registration Certificate e.g. from The Registry of Societies Malaysia, Companies Commission of Malaysia and/or MAGIC Registration Certificate for Social Enterprises (if applicable)
  2. Applicant must be located and operate in Malaysia and must have experience and proven capability in conducting similar project
  3. Clearance of the Know Your Counterparty (KYC) form
  4. Commencement of GEP SMART (PETRONAS Unified Procurement Platform) registration process
  5. Able to comply to the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) as attached
  6. Have the capacity to supply and deliver the items based on the quantity specified for at least one package at one region.

Important Dates to Remember

Submission deadline: 28 October 2022 (Friday)

Project Application Process Flow

  1. Applicants need to fill in the application form document and Know Your Counterparty (KYC) form for Stage 1 assessment. Kindly download the forms and provide the related supporting documents
  2. Applicants are required to read the licensing and procurement under PETRONAS [Unified Procurement Platform] and agree to commence the registration process in GEP SMART under Yayasan PETRONAS. 
  3. Kindly submit the complete documents to Mohd Arrabe’ Ahmad Baei (Yayasan PETRONAS) at with email title of [RFQ – Your Company Name] by 28 October 2022 (Friday).
  4. Our team will contact the eligible applicants within 14 working days from the deadline of submission for the Stage 2 assessment. 
  1. Successful applicants in Stage 1 will be contacted via email. Upon receiving an eligibility confirmation from our team, you will receive Request for Quotation, an editable copy of the List of Items and Price Template.
  2. The completed quotation in accordance with the Template should be submitted to the YP team before the deadline as stipulated in the email. 
  3. Successful applicants are required to understand the Terms & Conditions (T&C) for Price Agreement and to commence the registration process in GEP SMART under Yayasan PETRONAS. 
  4. YP team will evaluate the quotation in Stage 2 and if necessary, YP team will schedule a call with the applicants. 
  5. You may include other information/ catalogue that may assist Yayasan PETRONAS in gaining a better understanding of your quotation. 
  1. Successful applicants in Stage 2 will be notified via email to proceed to contract negotiation and finalisation stage of Price Agreement for 3 years.
  2. The selection of the vendors will be based on the following evaluation criteria: 
    • Products are in-line with our required specifications.
    • Commercially competitive prices 
    • Have the capacity to supply based on the quantity required
    • Able to supply, store and deliver to the designated location immediately upon confirmation of location by YP (as per agreed in Purchase Order).

Appointed vendor will implement the scope as per Price Agreement agreed by both parties and in close coordination with YP.

For every service rendered based on the issued Purchase Order (PO), YP will monitor and evaluate the performance of the vendors and quality of items delivered.

Should you have further questions, please email with your queries. Our team will assist to answer your questions and provide the necessary guidance with your application.

Our team is prioritising replies to eligible organisations. If you have submitted your application and have not received any reply after 14 days post submission deadline, please consider your application as unsuccessful.