Underprivileged Students

Sentuhan Ilmu

We believe education is an equaliser and no learner should be left behind.

Therefore, Yayasan PETRONAS will focus on assisting underprivileged students realise their potential through STEM education by enhancing their interest in STEM subjects. With our partners, we will offer learning approaches to create interest in Science and Mathematics, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

We will also provide learning aids, extra classes, refurbishment (lab/IT/hall), motivational programmes, and tuition subsidies, especially for children from the B40 and M40 families.

We hope to reach 7,000 underprivileged primary students.

Desired Value Creation:

  • 50% improvement in STEM interest, problem-solving , critical thinking
  • 1-2 students participate at national level competition

Partners: Petrosains, Ministry of Education